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5 First Impression Tips!
08 Sep 2018

5 First Impression Tips!

William YIP
1. Front Door - Make an entrance!

The front door is by far the most common place people decide if they like a home or not! Make sure you remove as much clutter from the front door porch and lobby area. Large racks of shoes or a dresser that takes up most of the walking space is a no no.

2. Clutter eats Equity!

This is really a common sense, one…. the less stuff you have in a room the more spacious and comfortable it is to be in! Space savers, such as modular storage boxes, vacuum packed bags are great to pack away items that are not regularly used.

3. Keep furniture slightly away from walls!

This is a simple visual technique, by leaving your lounge suite, side tables, large ornaments slightly off the wall.

4. Got big empty walls?

Hang up a few pieces of art… or maybe even consider painting a feature wall. Don’t go too crazy with your wall decorations, if you go too big you will make your rooms seem smaller, too small, and it may get lost. So have a play around and see what feels right to you.

5. Colour Features

A simple fruit bowl with some apples / oranges adds a lot of style and emotion to a kitchen… as do coloured appliances ( such as a red toaster etc) In the bedroom, accentuate the bed with some cushions (plenty of bed making guides on the internet) simple small ornaments make any coffee table/side table look great in a room.

As with anything, just have a go until it feels right!

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Have some fun! It is amazing how great it feels to style and dress up your home a bit!