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Getting a builder report pre-market!
15 Oct 2019

Getting a builder report pre-market!

William YIP

Builder Reports can vary from $440- $900+GST (for full invasive reports etc). This amount of money is very nominal when compared to the sale price of the home. A builder report can influence a positive value gain greater than the cost of the report, so very worth doing. Plus it will give buyers the peace of mind to go ahead and purchase the property knowing what they are buying into.

Think of the Builder Report as a house WOF check - Would you buy a car without a current WOF? For this very reason, I would almost always recommend to my vendors to have a builder report done on their property.

What if the report finds something...

No house is perfect, even a brand new house MAY have some issues. Second hand homes, like second hand anything are bound to have some issues. So don’t freak out if the report is highlighting a list of minor things that aren't perfect... like paint has faded on one wall or there is slight crack on the tiles etc. All good builder reports will highlight all these issues, major and minor - it is their job to be impartial.

I have yet to see a single builder report where it was perfect! It is their job to go through a house thoroughly, and they will pick up even the smallest imperfections.

Finding out these issues pre-market, allows you the opportunity to address them and we will work with you a strategy going forward to address / remediate / mitigate these challenges - so we can put the buyer's mind at ease as much as possible.

Better we find out now, than to have a 'surprise' when buyers decided to do their own due diligence.

Plus... the good news is... Building report not only highlights the bad stuff but it also shows you great qualities of the home. Such as good insulation, house is dry, exterior is structurally good, foundations look strong, not a leaky home, etc, etc.

Understanding what the report says. Depending on the inspector, the report can sometimes read with great difficulty. Some inspectors try too hard to be ‘the expert’ and throw jargon into the report that is hard to understand. If you have hired the inspector to do a report for you, you can call them up and ask for clarification, else you can seek third-party advice on the report (such as with a builder, lawyer or in some cases the agent may be able to help - only if you trust them, as they do have a vested interest in this)

A lot of our clients may get a building report every year or so, regardless of selling - this way you can keep on top of your house maintenance and fix anything minor before they become major issues... inspectors can find leaks well before they do any serious damage. Trust me... fixing a small leak early is MUCH cheaper than when it starts showing signs of damage.