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Snow Season? YIP! 
06 Jul 2022

Snow Season? YIP! 

William YIP
Snow Season? YIP! 
There’s nothing like a day sliding down fluffy white snow, followed by cosying around a roaring fire with hot chocolate or mulled wine in hand as you debrief about your day on the slopes. If you haven’t been to the snow, now may be a great time to support NZ tourism and visit one of our many amazing ski locations. 
  1.      Queenstown, NZ 
It is of no surprise that Queenstown is one of the most photographed areas in NZ and the mountain ranges as some of the best in the world. Offering some of the great ski terrains and a broad variety of slopes that cater to all levels. Plus, it is an amazing town to visit, everything is out of a post card and lots for the family to do/eat there! 
  1.      Mt Ruapehu, NZ 
The family friendly option, it is a road trip away from Wellington, accommodation and food are a lot cheaper than Queenstown and the drive up is beautiful (with plenty of places to stop along the way), Despite its family focus, there’s still plenty on offer for the extreme among your ski party.  
Did you know Australia have ski fields? If you are thinking of getting the dust off your passports, you will be surprised at the ski options there too!  
When you hit the slope, remember to pack sunscreen, load up on snacks, check your equipment and gear is up to standard, stay hydrated and keep an eye on the weather. Nature provides some of the most beautiful playgrounds, but always best to stay on the right side of nature.  
Wherever you go to spend some quality with your family, stay safe and enjoy the moment. Just being able to plan holidays once again is exciting, so whether you’re travelling domestically or across the ditch, make the most of it, support local businesses and have fun! 
Typically, in Winter, there are a lot less houses for sale, and in an oversupply market now, we will be working right through Winter to ensure we do our best to help our community buy/sell.  
If you would like to discuss your Winter buying/selling plans, get in touch, love to hear from you!