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Most Satisfied Customers? YIP!
07 Jun 2022

Most Satisfied Customers? YIP!

William YIP
Buying or selling a home is amongst the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, so you’ll want the best service, advice, and the best possible price. To find out which real estate agents are rated highest across New Zealand, Canstar Blue surveyed people who have employed a local Real Estate Agent over the last three years to find out how it went.
We are totally humbled that the research has concluded that Collective First National was a clear leader in an industry in which customers could be difficult to impress. ‘The real estate industry is full of tension, with major life decisions being made, huge sums of money changing hands, and intense pressure throughout the process’ said Jose George, Canstar New Zealand’s General Manager. ‘To be recognised by actual customers as offering the very best service across areas such as communication, value, problem resolution, marketing, is certainly an achievement to be proud of. It’s a difficult industry to navigate and Collective First National are clearly doing a lot right by their customers. We congratulate them for their success.’ 
Here at Team YIP, we have been very grateful to have the support of the community and privilege to serve as the leading real estate team in this area for many years. For us we are proud to be aligned with a socially responsible & community focused company. 
For more info regarding the Canstar Blue process and how we compared to the rest of the industry, please visit their website. 
If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting, get in touch - we would love the opportunity to look after your best interests and show you why we have the most satisfied customers in our community.