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Supporting Local? YIP!
22 Jun 2022

Supporting Local? YIP!

William YIP
Hey Everyone! Thanks for the Happy Birthday messages, the team put an embarrassingly large birthday card on one of our billboards, was a lovely surprise. I was very humbled at the volume of messages I received, especially from our community groups, so apologies if I haven’t had a chance to reply to your message. Moments like these highlight the importance of having a positive fabric in our community and helping each other thrive in tough times. I meet hundreds of community organisations and this week I want so share with you the things you could do to help our community thrive! 
  • Spread the Word – no matter how big or small your social network may be, it doesn’t cost you anything to share a post or promote a business to your friends. If you see a cool local event, invite a friend, and go check it out. 
  • Shop Local - when you visit a locally owned company you aren’t funding a global CEO’s next holiday home, you are directly helping a local family serve the community. Also don’t forget franchises, some of these are locally owned! The better our local businesses do, the more locals they can employ/engage, and more businesses will want to come and invest in our wonderful community. 
  • Volunteer your experience – Our community would not survive, if not for all the amazing volunteers. If you have some precious time and skills to spare, maybe consider being a volunteer. Being able to directly participate and help local groups thrive is a wonderful part of my week. 
  • Run a Group – If you have some expertise or talents you would love to share with the community, we have our FREE Collective Community Hub available for you to run sessions, plus we may be able to help you get started too! Whether it is a fitness class or a craft workshop – we can help. 
  • Donate/Sponsor – All local community groups run on a very tight budget and any donations and sponsorships are always welcomed. Maybe you have an unwanted gift that they could use as a prize, or you may just be looking for a good cause to donate to – there will always be a local group that would fit your target. 
If you would like to know more about what options are available, feel free to get in touch – or pop into our Community Hub and Tracy, our Hub Manager will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. 
As times get tough, let’s do more to support each other and check in on those who may be feeling a bit vulnerable right now. 
Have a wonderful week.