20 Johnsonville Road,
NZ 6037


#1 Local Real Estate Team

We've consistently been the team that the community uses and trusts the most for selling their home in this area for the past 6 years. You are always welcome to speak with any of our past sellers to hear what they have to say about the YIP way of selling.



Specialised Team Approach

If an agent is not running a large team, they are not going to be able to focus on all the tasks and deliver an exceptional job. With our large, specialist team, we are able to ensure the best person is focused on doing one key part of the process. This allows us to focus on you, important tasks, and simple things like responding to buyers quickly to ensure they stay interested and engaged in the process. Choosing to work with a comprehensive team like us, is your insurance against underselling your house!


Get the best possible price

Sure, we can come in and say we can get $2m for your house, promise the world, with cheap marketing and fees, but how is that logical. The only way to get the best possible price / outcome is with the best possible process – not promises. When selling your house, the process will dictate where the buyer starts from, based on their perception of the property, documents, photos and if they like the agent or not. How much the agent is able to ‘negotiate’ depends on their relationship with the buyer not their negotiation skills.


Stress-Free Selling

Let us take charge! Team YIP can project manage the entire pre-market process to ensure it is as hassle-free and efficient as possible. From staging to organising tradespeople and minor renovations, we can get it done. We also provide a heap of FREE services!