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Our industry has had such a bad reputation for so long, it is time we threw out the old-rule book and started to focus on what the people actually want. We started with nothing, not knowing a single person, in a new city and postioned in a highly competitive area with top established agents - but by focusing on continuous improvement, giving back and serving the best interests of the community. We have challenged the established, old-fashioned way of doing Real Estate and created the #1 Sales Team in the area in just 2 short years - It highlights that your market and your community needs and deserves better from their real estate agent!

With a quiet demeanour and struggles with Social Anxiety/ Asperger’s, William’s story is a very unlikely success story. Most people who struggle to fit into the ‘typical salesperson’ mould will have great benefit in his story & techniques and those who are more established, will get an insight into how things can be done differently. This isn’t another typical story about cold calling, door knocking, 20 calls before 10, waking up at 5am, ‘just doing it’, this is a story about embracing your weaknesses and turning your strengths into a success.

In the training, William will cover business philosophies, interpersonal psychology, structuring your business around who you are, not who you are told to be, conversion over volume, strategies to increase conversion – win more listings, get more sales and much more. Real Estate is a Business, treat it that way! Focusing on a business process is essential to growth!

Prior to real estate, William worked managing and directing creative events and experiences for some of the best Museums / Art Galleries in New Zealand for 12 years. He has a love for tennis, cooking & eating (mostly eating), and is always keen to find better ways to improve his client's experience.

William is available for speaking engagements at your function, conference, office, events. All his sessions can include a Q&A sessions or focused meetings before or after the session.

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Prior to every training sessions, the content will be customised and adjusted to your team's every need. We will focus on ironing out all the tricky areas holding your team back from serving your community to your highest potential!


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Get William YIP to take your sales team to the next level!

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