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Team YIP Community Grants - People not Profits

Not only do we focus on what is best for our clients, but we are also a business that betters the community every day. We are one of the biggest contributors to our community and our grants focuses on three key areas

  1. To improve the effective reach of community groups & clubs
    By funding volunteer organisations so they can focus on delivering exceptional services, rather than worrying about fundraising

  2. To support the development of youth communities
    With a strong focus on inclusion, diversity and anti-bullying, we support numerous local initiatives that create healthy environments for children/youth in our community.

  3. Welfare of homeless & injured animals
    We assist with the operations of groups that look after the well-being of animals big and small. With the goal to help all people  & animals find a home.

If you would like to have a chat about your needs and be considered in our next funding round, please send your submissions to William YIP - william.yip@collectivefn.co.nz

$200,000+ / year commited to our local community.

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Our Community Hub is opening soon! This will be a FREE resource to our community, with a variety of community space and meeting rooms!

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