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Good time to buy? YIP!
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With everything that is going on in the property market, it can feel a bit overwhelming when making property decisions. Here are a few things to co...
Landlords - Do you know the new laws yet?
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If you own rental properties, and don’t have them professionally managed, you should be by now all up-to-speed with the new RTA (Residential ...
5 Tips to slim down offer conditions on a budget like a pro!
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If you have been offering on properties and keep being beaten by cash-unconditional offers - then this week’s blog post is for you!
The Most Profitable Way!
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Sure, you can watch the market like a hawk and work out exactly when to buy and sell... but you will always be at the mercy of the market... here&#...
LIM Report? Why do we need one?
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LIM reports contain all information the council has relating to the property. This includes things like… where the sewers run, was there lan...
Learning from Investors - Rental Yield!
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Successful property investors are known for their finesse around choosing the right properties to buy and sell - with ever decision made with the v...
Getting a builder report pre-market!
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When considering selling, getting a builder report in most cases is almost essential. Unless the house is very new / brand new, then there are circ...
5 First Impression Tips!
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A poorly presented home is a massive value killer. Ensuring your house is well presented and looking its very best, is a great way to make your hom...
4 tips when painting!
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Buyers liked to know that the current owners have looked after the place. It gives them a sense of security and confidence in the property. Without...
RVs? Do they mean ANYTHING?
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What is an RV and how much relevance does it have? More importantly, how should I effectively interpret this figure?